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List of cards

Action cards

AlcoholicFinish your drink. Because why not?
Anything You Can Do…Pick a player. They must do something that you must then imitate. If you succeed, they take three sips. If you don’t, take three sips yourself.
ArmoredFor the next two rounds, you are protected from cards that you didn’t draw.
Bad TouchLet anyone who wants to slap your ass. Alternatively finish your drink.
Curses!You are cursed! Take a sip now and at the start of your next two turns.
DaringDraw the next card. Its drinks shall be doubled.
DeadlineFinish your drink in ten seconds. If you fail, take three additional sips.
DistractedYou are distracted and skip your next turn.
DragonbornLet the player on your right spice up your drink.
Experimental FormulaAdd milk and salt to taste to your drink. Enjoy.
Fashion ShowPerform a proper catwalk. Others take a sip.
Fetch, Boy!Throw something. Tell everyone that whoever brings it back to you will not have to take three sips. Laugh (and drink along).
GreedTake all other players’ permanent cards.
High FiveHigh five with another player. Everyone else takes a sip.
HonestyPick a player who will ask you a question. Answer truthfully or finish your drink.
Hug or ChugHug every other player or finish your drink.
LoyaltyPick a player. The next time they have to finish their drink, drink half of it in their stead.
MagicShuffle the deck and put this card at the bottom of the deck.
MimicImitate another player. Others rate your act on a scale of 0–5. The imitated player takes a sip for every five points.
MonarchYou are the Queen or King of the game. Everyone else toasts in your honor and finishes their drink.
One for All?Either take five sips or order everyone else to take two sips.
Party of OneGo sit in the corner of the room until your next turn. Take three sips.
Push Up, or Shut Up!Order a player to perform ten push-ups. If they succeed, take a sip. If they don’t, they take three sips.
SlaverChoose a slave. For the next three turns they have to carry out actions in your stead.
Special EyesChallenge another player to a staring contest. The loser takes three sips from the winner’s drink.
Stand-UpTry to make others laugh. Everyone who laughs takes two sips. If no-one does, take four sips yourself.
SwitcherooYou may switch drinks with another player. Alternatively take two sips.
Take a LetterDictate a short letter to another player. If they are able to repeat it, word for word, take two sips. If not, they take a sip.
Too Many CardsThe top two cards in the deck are discarded.
WaterfallPick an opponent. Both fill their drinks and empty them on the count of three. The faster player may add a new rule to the game.

“All” cards

…and All for OneDuring the next round, when someone must drink, everyone drinks the same amount in sympathy.
Bad BreathIf you haven’t brushed your teeth in 24 hours, take three sips.
Big BotherIf you have a big brother, take a sip. Otherwise take three sips.
BlackoutTurn off all lights for the next two rounds.
Can’t Be This CuteIf you have a little sister, take a sip. Otherwise take three sips.
CharitableIf you haven’t given to charity in the past year, take two sips.
Chocolate RainAdd something sweet (preferably chocolate) to your drink and take two sips.
CompanionsTake a sip for every pet you’ve ever owned (but no more than four sips).
DilutionFill your drink with something non-alcoholic.
Double TroubleThe amounts of drinks in the next card shall be doubled.
Fancy DressThe finest-dressed player takes three sips.
Finish Him!Split into two teams. Each team chooses a champion to a wrestling match. The losing team cheers the winners and takes three sips.
Gamers Rise UpTake turns naming video games that you have played. Once someone can’t name a new one, they take four sips.
Group HugHave a group hug and take two sips from the drink of the player on your right.
Hand-Me-DownsGive a piece of clothing to another player.
Happy HardcorePlay some happy hardcore as loud as possible. Empty your drink.
Ice ColdAdd ice to your drink or cool it down some other way.
I Get WetWet your hair or finish your drink.
InsomniacIf you didn’t sleep at least seven hours last night, take two sips.
Martial LawMartial law applies for the next three rounds. All actions must be completed, and protection cards are not effective.
Mix and MingleMix all players’ drinks together and drink the delicious mixture.
MotherlandRespect the Motherland by taking a sip of vodka. True gopniki happily drink more.
NEETIf you don’t work, take two sips.
OktoberfestEveryone cheers and takes three sips.
RoundaboutGive your drink to the player on your right. Take a sip from the drink you received.
SophisticationListen to classical music and drink some wine. If both are not available, everyone takes two sips.
Spring CleaningClear the table of drinks by finishing them!
SummertideIn summer or spring take two sips. In winter or fall take four sips.
The More the MerrierTake as many sips as there are players.
YuletideIn winter or fall take two sips. In summer or spring take four sips.

Permanent cards

Can’t Get EnoughTake a sip at the start of your every turn.
CockatriceYou may not look anyone in the eyes. If you do, stay completely still until your next turn.
Deus Ex MachinaThe amounts of sips you must drink are halved! (Rounded up.)
DictatorYou may add a new rule to the game. Remember to set a punishment for breaking the rule.
FalsettoYou must talk in a high-pitched voice. Take a sip if you forget to.
Fight ClubYou must keep your fists clenched. If you forget, take two sips.
Foul MouthYou may not swear. If you do, take two sips.
Gary!You are now known as Gary. Addressing you by any other name carries a punishment of three sips.
GenerosityYou must give away any “use” cards you have, with a smile. Cards must be given to other players in turns. If you forget to smile, take a sip.
HydraYou must touch some part of three other players at all times. If you get separated, you may discard this card but all four players must take four sips.
MethanolKeep your eyes shut or covered. If you forget, take two sips.
My Lips Are SealedYou may not speak unless spoken to. If you do, take two sips.
Rhyme and ReasonYou must speak in rhyme. Like, all the time. If your rhyme’s a disappointment, two sips shall be your punishment.
ServantsOther players shall give you your drinks. You may not touch your drink yourself.
Super SeriousTake a sip whenever you laugh.
WingmanYou are affected by all permanent cards of the player in turn before you.
Your Next Pose Will Be…On your every turn strike a pose and keep it until your next turn.

“Use” cards

Ahead of SchedulePause the game. Decide the length of the pause with other players.
ArtistTake a creative break and skip your next five turns.
Asserting DominanceRefuse to carry out any one action.
ChallengeChallenge another player to arm-wrestling. The loser takes a sip from both players’ drinks.
DelegationOrder another player to carry out an action in your stead.
Gotta Go FastSkip your next turn.
HoneymoonPick two players. During the next round they must talk to each other in a ridiculously sappy, mushy, lovey-dovey manner.
KindnessProtect yourself and up to two others from an “all” card.
NO UAfter someone draws an “act” card, order them to carry out the card’s task themself.
PhoenixFill the drink of another player.
Safe SpaceProtect yourself and the players next to you from any card.
TeetotalSwitch your drink for a non-alcoholic beverage.
ThunderdomeAvoid all actions during the next round.
To the LooTake a bathroom break. Your next three turns are skipped.
White KnightCarry out another player’s task.